Glam and trash: Interview (en anglais) de Tyler Ondine Whitman designer pour Heavy Red

Glam and trash

01 octobre 2007

Interview (en anglais) de Tyler Ondine Whitman designer pour Heavy Red

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Sometimes I feel like I am just on vampire time. Something will be on my to-do list and I’ll feel like darn-it-some-time-has-passed. Only it will be more time than seems possible in my gut response. Anyway, it has been on my to-do list to bring you all more fashion coverage on So I’m going to start checking this off my gigantic to-do list with this exclusive never-before-seen interview with Tyler Ondine Whitman of Heavy Red Noir Couture. Tyler and I had a good interview and I’m sorry it took so long to get it live. In my defense, the file was called blueblood-interview, so it was not super obvious what was in it, while it was sitting on my hard drive. Without further ado, I bring you the feature interview on Heavy Red:

AG: How did you first get into being a designer?

TOW: I love clothing that looks like it is straight out of a beautifully demented dream. I wanted my clothing to look like it was from a dark cabaret ball in a haunted estate at the edge of time. Eventually that led to designing and making gothic clothing for myself. Once I got started, well, of course it became an addiction. I am still making clothes for myself, as well as the ladies, gentlemen and other creatures of the night who attend the dark balls and walk the night as elegant, tortured souls.

AG: What is your fashion/educational background?

TOW: Gothic clothing is a style all its own, so the best way to learn it is by doing it and wearing the results. I would go to Perversion, or some other club or event, wearing something I had just designed. If I felt fabulous and dark as I walked in, shadows in all the right places, like a queen of the underworld, then the design was right. I also studied at Parson’s in NYC, but that was mostly for photography.

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  • At 6:44 PM, Blogger Jinmei said… est marrant lui...c'est pas le tout de le faut être un peu doué aussi pour faire ses fringues soit-même!!!!! lol.

    Ce qui au passage n'est pas mon cas :x...en tout cas il a bien raison d'en avoir fait un buisness. Mais il est vrai que le vrai design goth-elegant manque terriblement...qu'on en voit vite la couleur en france! please...


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